Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 35:  The late nights and early mornings are beginning to take their toll on me. Like most of the people here, when asked how I am I say "good but tired"; it's the generic reply when one is feeling generally a bit low but nothing is immediately the matter. The low feeling I am experiencing I would expect is a mix of stressful and difficult choices at school and a lack of chilling and sleeping time. At the moment I am changing options so much I have no idea what I want to do. I have until next Monday to finally decide what subjects I am officially doing in the IB. It's pretty intense and pressurising to know you haven't got long to make such important decisions when you are away from home so don't have the same support you might normally, you don't really know what each subject is like and you don't know what you might want to study in the future. This week my lessons have been changed to: Higher level history, English lit and visual arts; standard level biology, maths studies and Spanish ab initio. These subjects all seem interesting and potentially enjoyable but at the moment I am finding them difficult and a little stressful.
   All the things I have been talking about are, of course, common and to some extent to be expected, I am just a little taken off my feet by the change in my subjects, I think.
   Alongside of school I have been keeping myself busy with such things as running for student council, CAS activities of course and to be honest I'm not sure what else has been taking up my time.
   It was a huge shock to me to realise that the British Government can make such drastic changes in such a short time and me be completely unaware of them. A few days ago I had an unexpected surprise when I was trying to relax but catch up on the news at the same time by listening to the News Quiz, when i heard about the introduction of Ebacs and the fact that GCSEs are going out. It was not just the nature of the topic which caught me off guide but the fact that I could be so ignorant of what was going on in my own country. Well I guess that's a lesson for me, keep up to date, otherwise a lot can change with you being "blissfully" unaware.

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