Sunday, 14 October 2012

So I am finally making my blog more visual and giving you all an insight into what life in Mostar looks like. These are just some general images from the beginning of my time here.

Nice cosy campfire on my second evening in Mostar.

                                      Mostar Gymnazia,  my school, at night and Spanish Square.

                         Mostar in summer when the the smoke from the forest fires enveloped the city.

My beautiful Brit Co-year in Old Town with Old Bridge in the background.

        Cooking soup in Susac ( pronounced sue-shats) with my Dutch Co-year, trying to get some nice vegetables into our systems.

  The Building next to Musala as the sun rises over the mountains.

                                                        Sat outside Musala in the evening.

The temperamental weather in Mostar, a view from my bedroom window.

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