Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Day 64: Gosh, how time flies! I have passed the half way mark now and it does not seem long before I will be coming home for winter break, only 8 weeks more. the last week was spent doing my project week, which as I mentioned was not the one I had wished to do. Our project was only four days long so I had quite a lot of free time. The project itself was moderately interesting but I do not feel it was the most productive project and was not quite what I was expecting. we came up with three small sketches and preformed them in the public square to raise awareness of human trafficking.
    With the rest of my free time I generally didn't do much and to be quite frank I was feeling low for the majority of the week, it was only when my room mate came home on Saturday that I realised it might have partially been because I was in shock from the lack of people in the residence because they had all gone away for project week and I had actually missed them a lot. My Spanish room mate is incredibly artistic, I think she is the only other person in college who is as passionate about art and wants to go on to study it. Her presence in the room is a huge hole when she is gone, she has amazing Spanish temperament and is sometimes crazily happy, spreading her joy everywhere, but when she's pissed at someone you know; but she is happy about 90% of the time so it's all good. When she came back on Saturday I talked to her about my slight disappointment with visual arts and the work load - or lack of - she just talked to me and somehow inspired me to really get into doing my art again and be really creative in my workbook. I have been impressively happy since.
   My jolly mood has additionally been the result of me going back to school, getting my mid term test results back and realising that I didn't do nearly as bad as I thought I would and mostly very good, so I'm pleased with that and can only hope that I keep it up.

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  1. Not enough artwork to do?
    I'll strike you a bargain: I write down the Rosie-Pat stories, you do some illustrations or paintings for them.